Unboxing | Vampire Lipo 100C from EURORC.COM

Presentation of the new VAMPIRE RACING Lipo from EURORC.COM
We suggest to buy this lipo from the website www.eurorc.com, in this great website you can find all rc products that you need for your passion.
Vampire Racing Lipo:
– 6400 mAh / 47.4Wh
– 100C constant
– 7.4V Lipo
– 2S Lipo – 2 Cells
– ROAR approved
– EFRA approved
– Best charging rate: 1.5C
– Storage voltage: 3.8V per Cell
– Never discharge below 3.1V per Cell
YOU CAN BUY IT AT THIS LINK: http://www.eurorc.com/product/11861/vampire-racing-6400mah-100c-74v-2s-stick-pack-lipo—efra-approved

Carlo Alberto