LM16 PROTOTYPE Review and Body Tips (English Video) | WRC

Official english presentation of the new WRC RACING TEAM body LM16 PROTOTYPE.
The body fits on all F1 RC car kits and it is made only for F1 RC models, but remember you need the right conversion kit for your car and you can find it on http://www.wrc-racing.com .
The body reproduce the Le Mans cars and it’s made in hight quality lexan material with 1/10 scale.
In a lot of country the best dealers are going to organize some LM16 races, ask for them, paint your new body and go to win.
For more informations you can also give a look to our website https://modellismo.in .
Thanks for watching the video and thanks to WRC that give us the permission to make it and gives us the fantastic material in the video.


Carlo Alberto