Exotek F1R3 Pro formula conversion kit | EXOTEK

Exotek have introduced the F1R3 Pro conversion kit or the Tamiya F104 and F103 formula cars. The kit is based on a new carbon fibre chassis that allows for a transversal battery position which can increase rear end grip while preventing the car from “diffing out” on carpet tracks however quicker steering reaction can be achieved by using the standard inline battery position. The included LiPo strap posts are shaped to snugly hold shorty packs while special cuts in the posts allow the ESC or servo leads to pass through for a tidy layout. The Hybrid Link suspension was taken over from the predecessor and it combines a link and T-bar type design for better bump track handling while retaining the responsiveness and tuning of a link suspension. On top of that the rear pod geometry makes for more progressive dampening which increases forward bite and the twin side dampeners help with equal left and right pod damping. Also included are the new v2 precision machined lightweight motor plates with the right side insuring secure motor mounting with heat sink performance while the left side allows for mounting of a fan for motor cooling. The rear pod also includes spacers that allows for high or low axle height to match F104 and F103 tyre heights. Up front quick position alloy servo mounts allow for quick and easy Ackermann tuning as well as servo mounting without the need for servo tabs removal. Not included are the necessary front end and rear axle assemblies but all Tamiya-standard part do fit.

DSC_0149__52817.1450554596.1280.1280-1 DSC_0143__35026.1450554589.1280.1280-1 DSC_0139__99936.1450554586.1280.1280-1 DSC_0144__28358.1450554597.1280.1280 DSC_0135__93371.1450554730.437.334-1 F1R3_PHOTO_LOGOS2__51225.1450554661.437.334 F1R3_PHOTO_LOGOS__77675.1450554667.1280.1280-1 DSC_0147__36958.1450554594.1280.1280-1 DSC_0141__78035.1450554595.1280.1280-1 DSC_0148__68776.1450554589.1280.1280-1

Carlo Alberto