Eryx 4.0 electric touring car kit | SERPENT

Serpent have introduced the latest incarnation of the 411 Eryx touring car platform in the form of the Eryx 4.0. Designed in cooperation with Serpent team drivers Marc Fischer and Viktor Wilck the version 4.0 is based on a  2mm hard-coated aluminium chassis and it features completely new shock absorbers with X-ring seals, machined bushings and new housings, upper and lower caps and part of the updated suspension package are also 2mm taller front and rear shock towers to accommodate the newly designed shocks. Other new features include a new slop-free mid-shaft pulley system, a new one-piece, low centre of gravity motor mount as well as a redesigned steering assembly with a wider pivot system for a more direct steering feeling. Also included are adjustable aluminium and carbon battery stops and an improved gear differential for ultra-smooth operation. Beside the aluminium chassis car Serpent will also release a carbon kit that utilises a 2.25mm carbon fibre chassis which is ideal for low to medium bite conditions. The kit will hit the stores very soon.

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Carlo Alberto